Interior Minister calls for resolution of sporadic border clashes on Iran-Afghanistan border

TEHRAN — Iran’s interior minister believes the sporadic border clashes with Taliban border guards are due to their ignorance of the Iranian-Afghan border demarcation, stressing that the issue must be resolved through dialogue.

Speaking in a statement on Saturday, Ahmad Vahidi said: “So far we have had five to six shootings by the Taliban border guards, which is due to the lack of awareness of the Taliban border guards, and every times this was resolved by contacted Kabul and did not become serious.

He then noted that there is a need to resolve these issues peacefully and through negotiation with those stationed at the borders and the Taliban forces.

“We are also trying to avoid border sensitivity and we hope the issue will be managed and controlled,” Vahidi said.

Regarding the conflicts with the Taliban border guards and the possibility of blocking the border, the Minister of the Interior ruled out such a possibility, saying: “This issue is not on the agenda”.

On August 1, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, said a meeting had been held with Taliban defense officials following the recent border clashes during which it was agreed to form a joint committee to prevent the recurrence of borders. clashes.

Following a border clash in the region of Hirmand, a meeting was held on July 31 between the representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Ministry of Defense of the Taliban government.

“The Taliban government’s defense ministry, in contact with border guard forces in Afghanistan, ordered them to avoid clashes and put on the agenda the formation of a joint committee to avoid recurrence such practices,” said Kazemi Qomi.

On the evening of July 31, a border clash in the Hirmand border area took place between Iran and Afghanistan, according to press reports.

In this regard, the local governor of Hirmand district said, “A clash took place between Iranian border guards and Taliban authority border guards in Shallak area of ​​Hirmand district.”

He said Taliban forces crossed the borders and Iranian border guards responded as needed, then the Taliban responded, but there were no casualties, according to Al Alam.

A security official from Nimroz province told Fars that Taliban forces were patrolling an area near the border with Iran, and clashed with border guards on the opposite side, and that the two sides exchanged fire.

“In this clash, a Taliban member was killed and another injured, and some residential areas were damaged,” he added.

As for the reason for the clash, the security source explained that the Iranian border guards announced that the area in which the Taliban were patrolling was part of Iranian territory and that the Taliban forces had no right to enter it.

Betty K. Park