Interior Tips Homeowners Should Follow When Selling Their Home to Impress the Buyer

Whether transforming a room with paint or adding an accent through textiles or accessories, the power of color is powerful. It can transform any space instantly, making rooms look bigger, brighter, more comfortable and more inviting. But did you know that color is an important element in the staging of a property? So it’s no surprise that many realtors are suggesting changing room colors to help their sellers get their homes off the market faster and potentially get a better price too.

But because color has so much impact, it’s essential to choose the right ones for the home.

Here, real estate agents shared the many quirks potential buyers notice when viewing a home — from statement painting ideas to the little touches that can make all the difference.

Carolyn Gagnon, realtor at Compass, advised sellers to stick to a neutral color palette.

She said: “The biggest tip when selling a house is to stay relatively neutral and have warm, inviting colors.

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So, when choosing your paint, it’s important to consider the different lighting levels in a home versus the paint store, whether or not the homeowners are selling.

Those who keep things neutral, it can be easy to overlook color altogether. However, it’s important to add pockets of vibrancy to ensure your home doesn’t seem too clinical.

Jeff Lichtenstein, president and founder of ECHO Fine Properties, suggests doing this through art ideas and accent wall colors.

He said, “Accents and images are the best way to add color while keeping things neutral.”

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“Houses that are too austere should paint more gray or neutral with a bit of warmth.

“Too bright white can look cold and hard to visualize if it’s too white.”

When you’re looking for a new toaster or kettle for your space, it can be hard to believe that this appliance can have an impact on the sale of a home. However, Jeff Lichtenstein suggests that it is.

Just as the agent suggests injecting vibrant tones into artwork, he recommends adding color to your kitchen through appliances.

He said: “Small accents like a bright yellow tea kettle and inexpensive swivel chairs by an island can brighten up a room.”

Eyal Pasternak, the founder of Liberty House Buying Group, advised sellers against using dark colors to paint the exterior of their homes.

He warned: ‘A general advice I would give anyone is to avoid standalone dark colors, especially outside the home.

“These look unattractive and often end up requiring more cleaning.”

For those who want to experiment with dark colors, he suggests saving the tones for accents that can stand out against a more neutral hue.

This will give your home a monochromatic look that will impress buyers and could drive your home away from the market faster.

Betty K. Park