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Telkwa artist Mark Thibeault is working to make a name for himself internationally.

Now, with representation at a prestigious gallery in London, England and a painting in Art Folio’s 2021 publication of the World’s Most Exciting Contemporary Artists, Thibeault brings a new collection of work to Smithers Art Gallery.

The Abstract Expressionism exhibit, titled “Populated,” is a series of works he began creating just as the COVID-19 pandemic was beginning.

“The Populated series began as we headed into isolation,” he explains in his artist statement for the exhibit. “I continued to paint but in a less physical way. Rather than large marks made with a sweeping motion of the whole arm extended, I held smaller brushes and sat at a table with paper or canvas nearby. In doing so, I was reminded of how beautiful and important the smallest brand can be.

The 31 pieces on display combine a variety of mediums including ink, acrylic, oil and collage on paper, rocked birch and canvas.

While its new international stature is reflected in the prices of the larger canvases, about half the collection is made up of smaller studies within a comfortable price range for aspiring collectors of $240 to $350.

“The Populated series is a collection of works that privilege gesture and immediacy. Energetic (sic) and intuitive marks can then accumulate to create busier imaginations. It is this energy and immediacy that informs the final composition,” reads the description of the exhibition.

Populated opened Friday, June 17 and will run through July 9.

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Betty K. Park