Iranian Interior Minister: A Quarter of Arbaeen Pilgrims Have Returned Home

Vahidi added that people are now crossing the border into Iraq but should avoid congregating in large numbers at border crossings so that authorities can let them into Iraq in a controlled manner.

Vahidi added that more than 2.5 million pilgrims have traveled to Iraq to participate in Arbaeen ceremonies.

Meanwhile, the head of Iran’s law enforcement immigration police and passport department announced the suspension of issuing temporary circulation cards to Arbaeen pilgrims.

General Ali Zolghadri said the Arbaeen headquarters of the Interior Ministry announced the suspension due to some problems in areas near the border with Iraq.

He added that 520,000 temporary circulation cards have so far been issued to pilgrims and mailed to applicants.

Zolghadri said measures have been put in place to expedite the issuance of passports to applicants.

Earlier, the head of the Iranian parliament’s health committee criticized the government for not creating the necessary infrastructure for five million Iranians to travel to Iraq for the Arbaeen ceremonies.

Hosseinali Shahriari said pilgrims face a shortage of health and welfare facilities and inadequate transport at the border.

Shahriari added that the Iranian Ministry of Health and the Red Crescent Society have worked hard to provide health services to pilgrims, but they are under pressure due to lack of funding and manpower. required.

Betty K. Park