Ireland’s top interior designer Geri O’Toole shares her number one pet peeve

Geri O’Toole is one of Ireland’s leading interior designers, with celebrity clients like Vogue Williams in the books.

In the new issue of RSVP Home, Geri opens up her quaint two-bedroom cottage in 18th century Limerick which she shares with her husband Cathal Gylnn, a construction worker, and their two children Finley, 7, and Edie, five months, before he undergoes a complete metamorphosis.

Geri shares all of her interior design secrets, from her design regrets to house pet peeves, how to weed good tradesmen out of cowboys, and why hiring an interior designer is the best financial decision you can make.

Speaking about her biggest interior design pet peeve, Geri said that while she’s open to a lot of things, there are certain design aesthetics that she’s definitely not a fan of.

“I’m absolutely allergic to matching furniture sets. Like a coffee table, with a matching bookcase and side table. I hate that. And hate is a really strong word, but I really do.

The cover of RSVP Home, summer 2022

“I also don’t like show house type interiors, it’s always a trend but I couldn’t live like that. I don’t find it simple enough, I find it too much like it came out of a chain of production. I absolutely do not support this style.

“I like things to be more organic and personal. So I like a little antique thrown in or a nice piece of art. I think it gives soul to an interior and gives someone a feeling. That’s who I really am.”

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You can see the interior of Geri’s home and read all of her top design tips and tricks in the new issue of RSVP Home, out now.

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Betty K. Park