Las Vegas Raiders still need help inside defensive line

The Las Vegas Raiders have revamped the roster significantly this offseason, but they still need help inside the defensive line.

With Las Vegas Raiders on the defensive end tackles Bilal Nichols and Jonathan Hankins are fresh off the PUP roster, they’ve missed out on valuable reps in this new defense, so they’ll catch up. The Raiders should have tried harder to add to the room with players like Sheldon Richardson, Linval Joseph or even Ndamukong Suh on the defensive inside.

Arden Key would have been a good investment for the confidence and depth behind the current players on the roster, and is a former franchise draft pick.

Deeper, run-packed inside players would pay dividends for the pass-rush duo of star Maxx Crosby Crosby and former All-Pro Chandler Jones who can pin their ears and tackle the QB. Knowing the inside line will be the rushing thugs clogging gaps and eating double teams, puts the pass rush duo in a great position to get after the quarterback.

Carlos Dunlap would also have been a great addition to get after the quarterback in certain situations while adding depth and confidence if Crosby or Chandler Jones got hurt.

The Las Vegas Raiders would also have benefited from considering Trey Flowers and Jadeveon Clowney as players who could have added more depth and more body. This would have created an advantageous situation for Patrick Graham to create more unique disguises with all the talent at his disposal.

The addition of Chandler Jones is a top signing and will pair perfectly with Crosby, but the lack of depth behind the duo shouldn’t be ignored. With the lack of aggression in addressing the inside defensive line, it could come back to haunt them, forcing them to address it next season to fix the leaky holes.

Betty K. Park