Learn how to layer a bed like luxury hotels and interior designers

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In your home, your bedroom is very important because you use it to relax. A well-made bed is so alluring. Everyone wants to layer a bed like luxury hotels and interior designers, which is possible in your bed if you learn it right. Here we are trying to learn how to layer a bed.

Important and essential to create a bunk bed look.
* A throw and decorative pillows.
* A blanket and a duvet.
* Pillow, pillow protector and cover.
* Fitted sheet and top sheet.
* Foam mattress topper for extra cushioning.
* A mattress protector.

With the help of these essentials, you can layer a bed like luxury hotels and interior designers. Here we learn some types for layering a bed.

Linen color is important and solid color is good and you can also enhance the floral theme by adding indoor plants. To stack a bed, first add a flat sheet followed by a blanket or duvet. The blankets are loose, soft and have no definite patterns whereas, although the quilts are not interchangeable, they are more structured and feature well-defined patterns.

** For a single bed, three pillows are enough. For a double bed, five pillows can give a better effect.

** When layering your bedding, pay attention to the little things. The duvet must not come off the cover, hide the visible zippers and be attentive to your presentation.

** For decorative covers, look for different textures, like the designers. It will add visuals as well as tactile.

**When it comes to layered bedding, material quality and thread count play an important role. It plays a role in durability and comfort.

These were a few items on how to layer beds like luxury hotels and interior designers.

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Betty K. Park