List of the 10 best inside offensive linemen of 2022: NFL insiders snub Frank Ragnow

Over the past week, ESPN released its annual list of the top 10 positions for the 2022 NFL season. These lists are not the opinions of the ESPN writer, but rather the result of a sampling of NFL executives, coaches, scouts and players. All week, ESPN has eliminated the top 10 players in defensive positions and, unsurprisingly, no Detroit Lions player made the list or even got a nod in the honorable mentions section.

However, on Sunday, ESPN dove into the offense. and they started with a position where the Lions might have a few suitors for a top 10 ranking: inside offensive line. Center Frank Ragnow earned second-team All Pro honors in 2020, and left guard Jonah Jackson earned a Pro Bowl nod last season.

Unfortunately, both were snubbed by NFL insiders, as neither made the top 10.

With Jackson, that’s certainly understandable. Last year, he was originally a second Pro Bowl substitute, and his game still has a long way to go before he can be seriously considered an elite talent in his position.

It’s a little less excusable to exclude Ragnow from the list. Last year, Ragnow was fourth on the list, ranking as the most senior center in the NFL. Ragnow’s decline this year is likely entirely based on the fact that he missed 13 games last year due to a foot injury. It seems like a poor excuse to drop someone from four to completely out of the standings, especially since this injury shouldn’t affect Ragnow at all this year, and he’s still only 26 years old.

That said, Ragnow earned an honorable mention in the article and received praise from an anonymous NFC scout.

“You can do just about anything with him as an offense. He can run the show up front, and he’s athletic and versatile to move around and perform in space.

Three centers were on the roster above Ragnow: Ryan Jensen of the Buccaneers, Jason Kelce of the Eagles and former Packer-turned-Charger Corey Linsley. It should be noted that all three of these players are 30 or older.

Betty K. Park