Livspace Review: A One-Stop-Shop for Home Interior Needs

Albert Hadley, a legend in the field of interior design, said, “The essence of interior design will always be about people and their way of life.” Simply put, interior design is about loving the way you live – a vision that Living space helping homeowners succeed since 2014. Acknowledged as India’s leading and most trusted provider of interior design and renovation services, Livspace acts as a one-to-one marketplace that connects interior designers, suppliers and clients to deliver end-to-end solutions, from design to installation. .

From formulating the perfect design plan to choosing the right materials to choosing the right furniture while staying within your budget, it is a complete process. Designing the interior of your home involves several steps, design ideas, selecting suppliers and managing service partners. It’s an ongoing decision-making process, where there’s always something new to incorporate at every step. Livspace is a one-stop-shop that makes the entire home interior design and renovation process absolutely hassle-free.

Why is hiring a Livspace interior designer worth it?

When we talk about designing a home’s interior, getting designs that are practical, manageable, stylish, and economical can be a daunting task for even the most creative and detail-oriented set of eyes. For many, a home is by far the most expensive investment, which is why questions arise about the additional profitability of hiring an interior designer for professional assistance.

Interior design is a delicate balance between art and science, and a good interior designer knows how to put them together. With innovative design ideas, a premium product list and the use of cutting-edge technology, Livspace’s design team brings an expert touch to your home. The Livspace team is made up of the country’s top interior designers who will help you choose the designs that match your style and space, turning your dream home into reality.

A good designer is one who is flexible and tries to fit your style with their design ideas. Livspace’s team of professional designers and well-trained project managers provide just that! Ask their customers who have left rave reviews on Livspace.

Neha, an interior designer from Livspace, came up with a fantastic design plan for Poonam & Arnav to showcase a clean white base for their Gurugram 3BHK apartment. The ingenuity that the brand represents can be seen in the home of Poonam & Arnav which reflects nothing but the personalities and wholesome vibe of the owners. “We didn’t want a hotel-type home and weren’t sure what kind of material or finish to look for. This is the kind of advice we were looking for when we chose Livspace. I think a designer’s skill is largely based on understanding our ideas of a perfect home and translating it into a livable home, and in our case with color! From efficiency to decoration, everything was covered. Whether it’s the sleekly designed pooja unit or the modular kitchen design of his dreams, exclaimed Poonam, “When I look at my house, I feel happy.”

“Love the way you live” with Livspace modular solutions

Design and service offerings are divided into two main categories. Livspace Select is an economical option for your modular kitchen, cabinets, TVs, etc., with a range of high quality products integrated into its category. On the other hand, Livspace Vesta is designed for homeowners who want a complete overhaul of their space from start to finish. The use of the latest state-of-the-art technology such as Durabuild cabinets, Aquabloc and anti-bubble technology ensures that the highest quality of materials are used and they remain functional for longer. Visit Livspace Experience Centers located in over 30 cities across India to get a real feel for what your design plans might look like and the feel of the product catalog.

Livspace has your back!

Livspace’s modular solutions not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but also the use of space and the functionality of it all! Livspace has you covered, armed with a warranty of up to 10 years, a transparent pricing process, and custom design options. Livspace uses a combination of data science, algorithms and industrial designs, allowing customers to experience a variety of interior designs for all types of rooms. With a mission to fit any budget, the brand offers several pricing benefits like price match guarantee, flexible EMI payment options and ensures transparency throughout the project.

“Love the way you live” with Livspace modular solutions

Livspace has made it its main mission to provide stylish yet secure home interiors, and that’s exactly what most Living space reviews say online. Rahul Verma from Bengaluru was looking for a luxurious and Vastu-compliant aesthetic. Livspace interior designers Amit Malhotra, Shwetha Singaravelu and Kaushal Modi took on the task. They have combined Vastu recommended colors and patterns with distinct muted and diluted color laminates and finishes to create a sophisticated look that remains fully in line with Vastu standards.

Here’s what Rahul had to say about the interiors: “One thing that stands out from our experience with Livspace is how long the promised work has been completed. Quality-wise, the workmanship is also good, and the designer was pretty accommodating to any small ad-hoc changes we asked for on the fly. »

Livspace strongly believes in providing superior finishes, trendy designs and quality interior solutions at affordable prices. The user can simply fill out a form on their website to get a free quote from Livspace’s expert professionals and then seal the deal with a set percentage of the amount to be paid. Sit back and relax as the team works to install an exceptional design that will make your dream home a reality.

Betty K. Park