London interior designers reveal the best tricks to try for under £100

Color matching

Sophie Scott, Studio Skey

“One of our distinctive elements is using the same paint shade on walls, ceilings, woodwork and even cabinetry to create a more contemporary and cohesive feel, especially in period properties.

“If you don’t have the time or the budget to go all the way, you can use leftover paint to match a mirror frame or ceiling to the color of the walls in your room.”

Studio Skey’s top tip is to use the same shade of paint on walls and woodwork to create a more cohesive feel.

/ Chris Snook

Stencil a hand painted mural

Tiffany Duggan, Studio Duggan

“I asked one of my favorite artists, Julianna Byrne, to add some decorative flourishes to our studio, but with the help of a stencil (or a steady hand!), anyone can inject some personality into blank walls or simple furniture.

“Think checkerboard backs on bookshelves, hand-painted edging on drawer fronts, or Charleston-inspired accents on a mantelpiece or old cabinet.”; @studioduggan

Stencil or freely painted designs add personality to simple walls or furniture

/ Mariell Lind Hansen

Get creative with tiling

Kemi Lawson, The Cornrow

“Tile is a brilliantly impactful way to brighten up a space. Make expensive tiles go further by mixing them with less expensive designs.

Cornrow’s Kemi Lawson, featuring Lara Senbanjo, says the creative tiling gives a bold graphic update

/ Andrew Urwin

To get the most out of affordable tiles, lay them in non-standard ways, such as simple randomly placed monochromes to give a bold graphic update to an old fireplace.; @thecornrow; @cottagenoir

Decorative tiles to mix and match in the fireplace of this characterful home

/ Anna Stathaki

Improve your frameset

Rebecca Sicardi

“Anything can be elevated to ‘art’ status with the right framing and positioning, from a child’s painting to a club flyer or an art exhibit booklet.

“We recently used pages from cool and colorful zines, sourced from Hato Store (from £8), which we framed in simple oversizes. Muji frames (A3 frame £29.95).; @sicardi

Rebecca Sicardi says framing and positioning are crucial

/ Rachel Smith

A special mirror adds portable fun

Olivia Outreed

“Even the smallest room deserves a sense of glamour. We decorated a shower room in east London that doubles as a guest toilet and wanted to surprise them with a fun curved rattan mirror by French brand AM/PM (£99).

“Hanging a mirror like this can make an entire room feel decorated and can be taken with you if you move, so it’s good for tenants.”; @oliviaoutred

An AM/PM mirror adds fun to this east London bathroom

/ Astrid Templar

Decorative molding

Charlotte Beevor

“Add decorative moldings to enhance your space. It breathes new life into bare walls, built-in storage or tired furniture and brings character to a room.

“Let the molding appear to ‘float’ a little above floor level for a premium finish.”; @charlottebeevor

Charlotte Beevor says decorative moldings bring bare walls to life

/ Megan Taylor

Transform your lighting with a paper lampshade

Emily Potter Studio Day Trip

“Hang a Japanese hanging lampshade on Sansho (£84). Our homes are our own private sanctuaries; the beautiful materiality of the rice paper and the delicately diffused light will transform your room into a space of comfort and well-being.”

day; @daytripstudio

Consider all the senses

Louisa Grey, House of Gray

“To rejuvenate and restore us, a home must satisfy all the senses, with tactile materials, soothing music and wonderful scents. But so many candles and diffusers are filled with harmful ingredients, so look for organic products.

“We worked with olfactory design studio Aoiro to create Koto (£65)a scented room mist with a comforting and revitalizing blend of 100% organic essences.; @houseofgreylondon

Sculptural forms make an impact in a room, says Ruby Kean, seated, with Lisa Jones, both of Atelier LK

/ Jonathan Hoklo

Sculptural ceramic adds personality

Ruby Kean, Atelier LK

“In our designs, the final layering of a piece is integral to creating intrigue and personality and we often achieve this with a selection of sculptural ceramics.

“These don’t have to be expensive to have an impact. We sometimes scour thrift stores, auctions, and online resources like eBay for containers with interesting shapes and glazes that will work with the larger room scheme.; @atelier_lk_

Create a colorful and central focal point

Charlotte Rey, Campbell Rey

“Put stunning, fresh cut flowers in any room to make it welcoming and neat. It can be a supermarket of daffodils or a large bunch of buttercups. We like to use a large flared vase as a focal point, accompanied by smaller bud vases to bring some joy to your home.; @campbellrey

Betty K. Park