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Welcome to Midwest Tropical, Chicago’s specialists in design and installation custom stunts, including indoor wall waterfalls, wall waterfalls, wall waterfalls and indoor waterfalls. We have been in business since 1977 and have developed an enviable clientele. Midwest Tropical Custom Waterfalls are crafted with love, passion and devotion to meet people’s demands. Visit the Midwest Tropical portfolio.

People believe that water can sweep away negative energies, harmonize environments and improve our mood. The indoor waterfall wall is very beautiful, and you can find it in various materials and shapes. However, if the water noise is very intense, it can become annoying as the days go by. Of course, this can be adjusted by changing the power of the pump. Knowing where to place inside waterfalls is important for proper functioning and lasting appeal.

There are several places in commercial spaces to place an indoor wall waterfall and sites to avoid. The ideal is to customize a waterfall wall in the hallway.

A water fountain should be placed facing the interior of the hallway or sitting area, entryway, and study or office space. The orientation of the source must be towards the East to attract prosperity.

Choosing the right interior wall waterfalls.

Keep an eye on the water level as it tends to evaporate quickly and you may burn out your pump.

Avoid placing the waterfall wall near furniture that can be damaged by splashing water.

Giant in size indoor wall waterfall attracts abundance, prosperity and wealth. What matters most is the water, not the design of the fountain, but its size must have at least a capacity of 3 liters. Remember that the ideal volume is one liter of water per square meter of surface.

A running waterfall wall maintains a constant flow of energetic movement that renews vibrations, promotes well-being and attracts prosperity.

People want to live in a balanced space. An indoor wall waterfall creates a harmonious environment if located in the right place. The installation of custom waterfalls is the art of harmonizing the environment to promote the well-being of people.

The circulating water must always be clean and clear: always keep the water in your waterfall wall clean so that the energy flow is positive. People’s water source maintenance tasks represent your intention to live in harmonious and balanced environments.

Regulate pump pressure so that the sound is pleasant. The small motor of the pump which allows the water of the fountain to circulate emits a sound which must be kept below the frequency of the sound of the water. By regulating the pressure of the pump, you can control the intensity of water circulation. Keep it at a level that is relaxing for people’s ears.

At Midwest Tropical, the goal is to create a competitive environment as key players in the custom stunt market. Our water games do not require any additional maintenance. In any case, the team and representatives of Midwest Tropical are always available to people to answer any questions people have.

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