My Space: Inside interior designer Jane Ledger’s soothing home and workplace

Jane Ledger is surrounded by the latest and greatest furniture and homewares daily, but the creative director of Jane Ledger Interiors embraces minimalist decor when it comes to her home.

“As much as I would like to be a maximalist and I admire that in others, I can’t do it at home. I’m surrounded by a myriad of colors, textures and patterns every day and I spend hours on detailed interior plans and documentation for my clients,” says Ledger. “I have to keep my working and living environment as peaceful as possible. Inspiration strikes me in quiet moments when the world and my mind are still. That’s when I do my best.

Camera iconThe spacious interior of Jane Ledger’s apartment. Credit: Jody D’Arcy

When she bought her Claremont apartment in 2015, the original ’70s interior was in desperate need of an update.

“On first inspection I was greeted with cigarette stained ceilings, oppressed carpeting and an abandoned bathroom with Roman tub. But I saw its potential and did a complete renovation of the place, furnishing it with a simple style and a fresh contemporary palette,” she says.

It took only four months to completely transform the house into a space that merges his work and life as a designer.

“I bought the apartment for its orientation and outlook. I love working in natural light and knew the courtyard aspect would be a perfect fit for my work from home and creative lifestyle,” she says. “My space is a bit unique in that my workspace is in the main living room of the house. I need to be in an open space where I can see the sky and nature; not in a back – room facing a wall. I tell my clients this all the time! I’m not a fan of workspaces moved to the back of the house.

Ledger seeks to keep its working and living environment as peaceful as possible.
Camera iconLedger seeks to keep its working and living environment as peaceful as possible. Credit: Jody D’Arcy

Over the years she has collected an abundance of stone, wood, tile, carpet and fabric samples, which are often scattered throughout the house when not stored in her bathroom. storage.

“There are days when I’m immersed in a project and the house becomes a sea of ​​samples, concepts and drawings, which means the project comes to fruition, but then I have to put it all away,” she says. laughing. “This is where my sample room comes in handy, it’s a treasure trove of inspiration and where client palettes are stored.”

The house is decorated with timeless pieces, including a Walter Knoll Healy armchair and a Foscarini Buds table lamp.

“I prefer to invest in classic furniture and buy infrequently. Art was one of the first things I focused on when I furnished the apartment,” she says.

Jane’s love for the WA coastline and landscape is expressed through her selection of artwork. Hanging on the Walls is a mix of original artwork, prints and photography by local Perth artists including Jordy Hewitt, Jane Tangney, Jody D’Arcy and Martine Emdur.

Betty K. Park