Nick Grimshaw’s quirky £2m home makes him the perfect indoor host

Nick Grimshaw is making his mark in the interiors industry by presenting the new Channel 4 series The Great Home Transformation, alongside Emma Willis. We took a look at some photos of his London home…

The former Radio 1 DJ and host allowed cameras in his unique pad on Glasses box already, but when viewers see how brilliant his handyman skills are, they’ll want to see more of the place.

From an open kitchen to a long dining table, the presenter has a plush crib to return to after a long day of presenting. So what is his house like and who is he the partner he shares with?

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Pictured: Nick. Credit: Channel 4 Press.

Where does Nick Grimshaw live?

Nick lives in a £2.1million townhouse in north London with his fiancé. With his dogs Pig and Stinky for company, the living room’s dark blue walls were quickly noticed when he allowed cameras into his house for Channel 4.

Based in Islington, The great transformation of the house the host visited the property in 2015, alongside a friend. According to Daily Mailhe arrived in a sleek £80,000 Mercedes G-Wagon, which is complementary inside his home.

He is believed to have a net worth of £1.5million, according to The sun. Nick’s former BBC salary was revealed to be between £300,000 and £399,000 per yearbefore moving to Channel 4 for the new series.

Nick’s house is an inner dream

If you didn’t already know, Nick has his own Instagram dedicated to his interior design studio, called @thirtysixandhalf. With at least 95,000 subscribers, the man’s work is almost more famous than, well, him.

Quirky galore, there’s not a boring corner of the Channel 4 host’s home. The living room alone has a huge light pink glass ornament for its main feature, while a giant mirror and a old school fireplace are the centerpiece of the room.

A 1990s Lucy Ross art piece fills one wall of the house, while curtains fill the gap between the funky, dim lighting in the room next to the bathroom. He even had a concrete coffee table made especially for them.

Nick is not afraid of color, as evidenced by the orange light fixture in the master bedroom and the vibrancy of artwork throughout the property. Plus, their dogs Pig and Stinky have their own fancy bed at the end of his!

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Who is the Channel 4 host’s partner?

Nick lives at home with his fiancé Mashach “Mesh” Henry, a 26-year-old dancer who already reached the 2015 final BBC Young Dancers Competition. At the end of March 2022, the couple got engaged.

He currently works for Rambert, recognized as one of the leading independent dance companies. Mesh and Nick started dating four years ago, before the presenter asked his beau to move in with him in July 2019.

Since they both don’t have regular 9-to-5 jobs, the newly engaged couple regularly spends time together during the week. Nick recently published a series of photo booth pictures of himself and Henry showing off his new ring!



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