Our take on interior design trends in 2022

The new year comes with many changes…

and whether or not you’re the type to buy into the idea of ​​resolutions or goals, there’s something special about setting intentions and looking forward to what awaits us in each new calendar year. When it comes to the interior design space, the new year is often filled with debates about what’s “in” and “out.”

Our team shares mixed feelings about the idea of ​​design trends, but the truth is that our homes are constantly evolving and often reflect what is happening around us. It’s always fun to see how patterns in materials, shapes and influences come and go from year to year, and we’re excited to share a few things we look forward to incorporating more in 2022.

The design pendulum is swinging back to traditionalism as we spend more and more time indoors and yearn for the cozy feel that timeless and warm elements bring to our spaces. This year, we’re encouraging our customers to welcome rich materials that bring depth to the home, and we’re thrilled to see a resurgence of traditional detailing in everything from architecture to product design.

Here are some design “trends” we anticipate this year:

Pattern-heavy elements

While we’ve seen a lot of pattern-heavy elements in 2021, we expect even more in the coming year. Large and small scale patterns are becoming increasingly apparent in everything from wallpaper to bedding to window treatments!

While committing to a pattern can seem daunting, there are countless ways to incorporate more pattern into your space that don’t involve covering your walls from floor to ceiling. Think patterned textiles, rugs and even works of art! It’s about playing with scale and maintaining a consistent color palette to keep your space cohesive and interesting.

Betty K. Park