Premier Custom Furniture and Interior Décor Studio Plantation Changes Name to Moniker Home

The brand celebrates its customers’ stories of individuality through remarkable interiors reflecting their distinctive style

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Plantation Design, named after the popular exotic decorating trend when it opened in 1998, has been rebranded host name. While the company still embraces an international vibe with its imported products, today it mainly focuses on creating exceptional bespoke furniture that blends traditional and modern lines. Combining its bespoke furniture with an extensive collection of curated decors, Moniker Home offers an unparalleled opportunity to create distinctive interiors that express each client’s personal style.

“We landed on Moniker Home because it perfectly and beautifully conveys our commitment to helping our clients discover their signature style and explore its full potential,” said Ryan Valley, President. “Our mission is to bring each of our clients’ personal visions to life through creative collaboration, unlimited bespoke furniture capabilities, and unexpected furniture.”

What sets Moniker Home apart from other bespoke furniture makers is its ability to adapt to almost any design specification imaginable – be it materials, dimensions, fabrics or finishes. Handcrafted by the most skilled carpenters, upholsterers and metalworkers in Los Angeleseach handcrafted piece is designed to stand the test of time.

“Our customers are never limited to our existing furniture collection or typical manufacturing restrictions, such as predefined sizes or finishes,” Valley continued. “This flexibility allows them to discover and run with their ‘inner designer’, or bring their own concepts to us, creating breathtaking pieces that reflect who they are.”

An “I” is revealed in the prominent “M” of the company’s official logo, emphasizing the brand’s emphasis on individuality. The deconstructed letter is also meant to convey how simple design elements can come together to form something uniquely beautiful. The reflective gold color of the logo is a nod to the fact that the brand is synonymous with luxury home furnishings. Finally, the embossed effect celebrates the company’s promise to show off each customer’s signature style.

Moniker Home’s collaborative process also sets the company apart. In addition to tailoring its design and manufacturing approach to each customer’s specific requirements, the company oversees every production detail to ensure that the final product is exactly as ordered. Throughout this process, Moniker Home stays in constant communication with its clients, helping them make design decisions along the way. “Working in tandem with customers from initial concept to final delivery, our team of experts is always on your side,” Valley said.

As its bespoke furniture capabilities have grown, Moniker Home needs a dedicated space to create and imagine with its customers. Thus, in addition to a new name, the company has a new address. In early 2023, the new digs at Moniker Home will be the “Moniker Design Lab,” a space brimming with trim samples, fabric swatches, and inspiring designs.

Moniker Home’s diverse customer base includes budding design enthusiasts, seasoned decorators and interior design firms ranging from boutique to internationally renowned. “We are grateful to our loyal customers who trust us to continuously evolve, produce impeccable furniture with reliable delivery times and offer an ever-growing collection of accessories,” Valley said. “Furthermore, many of our commercial clients view us as a seamless extension of their own internal teams.”

In keeping with its vision of being the premier resource for all things interiors, Moniker Home is committed to making bespoke furniture accessible and offers customization choices to fit a wide range of project budgets.

Moniker Home is appreciated for its characteristic style – inviting luxury – a niche that he continues to define in classic-contemporary design. The company’s heirloom quality pieces can be found in residences, hotels and restaurants around the world.

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Based at Los Angeles, host name is a leading custom furniture and interior design studio. Welcoming retail and commercial customers, the interior lifestyle brand offers a personalized approach to creating distinctive spaces with bespoke furniture designs and unique decor. The company’s team of experts has been helping customers identify their signature style and explore its full potential since 1998. Moniker Home’s heirloom quality pieces are found in residences, hotels and restaurants around the world , as well as on television and film sets. Visit for more information.

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