Production spec VW ID.Buzz interior appears in leaked photos

The production VW ID.Buzz electric van will be officially unveiled in just over a month. But we do get a first look inside the Buzz, as it looks like someone was taking pictures of the van from the previous teasers (the one with the rainbow stripe camo). The photos come to us from the forum Introducing the VW ID, and they give us an incredibly clear look at the cabin. We definitely approve of the color scheme.

The special feature of this van is the orange and off-white upholstery. Everything is in fabric, and the orange inserts are further highlighted by geometric stitching. The seats also have “ID”. embroidered on the back in the contrasting white shade. There are also orange trims on the dashboard and doors.

Seating is arranged with typical captain’s chairs up front and a three-way bench seat aft. Interestingly, this particular minivan appears to be a two-row model, as there are no seat belts for a third row, and the rear platform does not appear to hide the seats. These rear platforms allow for a flat load floor with the second row seats folded down. It is not clear if the second row seats are removable. The second row slides and tilts at least. They also have little van silhouettes molded into the side plastic. The rear platforms appear to be removable so taller items can stand upright. We imagine that with the platforms in place and the rear seats down, this would be a great layout to fit some kind of mattress for camping.

The dashboard looks extremely similar to the design used in the ID.4. There is a hexagonal instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel which houses an information display. A large touchscreen stands proudly from the center dash. The extra height of the van is taken advantage of by incorporating flip-up cupholders under the air vents. The pedals have the pause and play symbols for the brake and accelerator, just like the first editions of the ID.4. That, along with the power seat controls, lead us to believe this is a fairly premium Buzz.

These inner planes also give us a clue to the outer. Door jambs reveal this Buzz has a two-tone paint scheme. The top is white and the bottom half is metallic orange.

We think this color scheme will really pop and show off the Buzz in the best possible way. We can’t wait to see it, but indeed, we have to. At least we won’t wait until March 9th.

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Betty K. Park