Revealed: Interior designers’ favorite bedding

Bedding is always a personal matter, but sometimes we find ourselves wanting to consult the design experts themselves with the best sheets, comforters, and pillows they select over and over again for their clients, and even their homes.

So we asked eight interior designers about their favorite bedding brands, offering a mix of high-end and mainstream options. White bedding always seems to reign supreme, accented with a touch of detail. Interior designers today are looking for organic fabrics, and there also seems to be a preference for airy, breathable linen.

Don’t be too surprised if their favorites give you great bedroom ideas… best of all, we now know exactly where to find interior designers’ favorite bedding.

Prospect Refuge Studio Coyuchi Bedding

A bedroom at the Prospect Refuge Studio Lowry Hill project in Minneapolis, MN.

(Image credit: Prospect Refuge Studio)

“We love using Coyuchi bedding, seen here in our Lowry Hill project. It has great hand and quality. We also used a leftover rug as lumbar support, which is a fun way to add texture and motifs.”

-Victoria Sass, principal and director of design at Prospect Refuge Studio (opens in a new tab)

Jenni Kayne Bedroom

In Jenni Kayne’s LA bedroom, with sheets by Matteo

(Image credit: Jenni Kayne Home)

“I have Matteo’s linen bedding in every room of my house and it’s my absolute favorite. They have an amazing range of neutral tones that bring every room together, and I love how lightweight yet luxurious their linen is. – it really is made for any season and style.”

Jenni Kayne Jenni Kayne Home (opens in a new tab)

Suzanne Kasler Greek Key Bedding for Ballard Designs:

Suzanne Kasler Greek Bed Set for Ballard Designs

(Image credit: Suzanne Kasler)

“My Greek Key bedding collection for Ballard (opens in a new tab) was inspired by the seamstress’ custom details that add that special final layer to the piece. The collection is timeless and chic, yet comfortable and livable.

Suzanne Kasler from Design Suzanne Kasler (opens in a new tab)based in Atlanta, Georgia

Anastasia Casey Lakehouse serena & lily bedding

Anastasia Casey’s Lakehouse bedroom with Serena & Lily Hyannis duvet cover

(Image credit: Madeline Harper Photography)

“I designed the lake house around the concept of ‘elevated camp vibes’ which meant that a gingham print had to be involved. This duvet cover was all I was looking for, and it became my bedding we’ve ever owned – period.Linen is that perfect texture to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.And the buttons at the bottom are covered in the same linen for a seamless look.Color wise , mink is almost a soft mauve-taupe that transitions beautifully from season to season.

“I’m notoriously picky about sheets and really did my homework before choosing this particular set. They’re organic cotton with a satin finish and feature the softest pale blue scalloped edge. I love the way they dry perfectly smooth, and I never need to squeeze when I remember to get them out of the dryer quickly.”

Anastasia Casey The Identity Collective (opens in a new tab)founder of IDCO Studio (opens in a new tab) and design camp (opens in a new tab) from Austin, Texas

Ellen Kavanaugh Matouk Bedding

Matouk Bedding, chosen by Ellen Kavanaugh with the help of The Linen Ladies, who offer bespoke bedding to the trade

(Image credit: Courtesy of Ellen Kavanaugh)

“I think overall bedding should be simple and classic with a touch of a wow factor. Our choice for main bedding is something linen ladies (opens in a new tab) where we work with Caroline Davis, who guides us on the style and product that best suits the space; as a classic chain link or lattice trim embroidered or appliquéd on a sheet of white cotton percale [as seen on this Matouk (opens in new tab) bedding]. Always white for us! For our wow factor, we make either custom European shams or a large lumbar pillow from a patterned fabric that complements the design.

Ellen Kavanaugh of Interiors by Ellen Kavanaugh (opens in a new tab)based in Palm Beach

House grower Devon Liedtke

(Image credit: Fernanda Varela)

“I like a white bed, and for my master bedroom I wanted the to see be calm and quiet, even if it’s noisy and chaotic, in reality. I’ve always wanted to try linen sheets and finally made the switch, and so glad I did! I’ve always loved the effortless look of linen and now I can vouch for the feel of linen. I may never come back. When I was looking for new bedding, I went straight to Cultiver. It was exactly what I had in mind. Effortless, chic and of incredible quality.”

Devon Liedtke (opens in a new tab)interior decorator

Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy “Mi Sueno” project in Palm Springs with the Signoria Firenze Masaccio bedspread (available at Perigold (opens in a new tab))

(Image credit: Public 311 Design)

“In our company we like to use bedding from Signoria Firenze (opens in a new tab), a beautiful brand of Italian bedding. I strongly believe in making your bed every day and making it easy to make. I like to layer our beds hotel style, with a bedspread (blanket) and a fluffy duvet folded at the foot of the bed. It’s super easy to do! Simply pull the bedspread all the way to hide wrinkled sheets. Next, fold the bedspread over the foot of the bed. Instead of a bunch of pillows, I like a big lumbar pillow placed in front of the sleeping pillows.”

Christopher Kennedy, of the Californian design firm, Christopher Kennedy (opens in a new tab)as part of his “Mi Sueno” project in Palm Springs

Murphy Maude Interiors Bedroom Lili Alessandra

(Image credit: Alyssa Rosenheck)

“One of our go-to bedding brands is Lili Alessandra! The brand is known for having a strong artistic vision that aligns with our ethos and approach at Murphy Maude. They have an extensive catalog of products ranging from modern designs to traditional designs, but each piece is still steeped in elegance and opulence, so there’s something for everyone. Silk & Sensibility bedding collection (opens in a new tab) in this room; the silk/polyester blend allows for a luxurious yet practical option.”

Leslie Murphy, CEO and Creative Director of Memphis Maude Murphy Interiors (opens in a new tab)

Betty K. Park