Room Envy: How an Atlanta interior designer created an ‘elevated and grown-up’ pink bedroom

Photograph by Marc Mauldin

A touch of pink on the bolster and in the painting above her inspired bed interior designer Courtney Moss to wrap her room in pink tones. “The biggest challenge was choosing a shade that was sophisticated versus girly,” she says. “I wanted an elevated, grown-up version of the color.”

And the winner is
“Paris Romance” by Benjamin Moore, an apt name since Moss sells French antiques to Interiors market on Bennett Street and has Paris items in her Buckhead flat.

Bed 101
An Atlanta canopy bed Front door fills the room with elegant lines. Peachtree Battle Shop White Bed Linen Grammercy are accented by the custom bolster.

Art awareness
“If I like a piece of art, I’ll buy it and figure out where to put it later,” says Moss. She is drawn to the abstract in contrast to traditional furniture. There is a Renée Bouchon room above the bed, a large neutral painting of Camille Renard on the wall, and a smaller one above by Kelley Ogburn.

Up down
Moss scours flea markets for unique items and is particularly fond of Scott’s Antique Marketswhere she picked up the side lamps and bench for a steal, then covered the bench in dark pink velvet.

Handmade rods
Moss likes to support regional artists and has had her curtain rods made by Christopher Wynne Jr.which she discovered on Instagram.

Designer tip: Choose a secondary color in a rug, pillow or artwork to use as a wall paint, the designer recommends, which adds a more layered look than white walls.

This article originally appeared in our June 2022 issue.

Betty K. Park