SINGULART art gallery reveals top interior trends for 2022

Art gallery SINGULART has unveiled its top interior trends for Spring 2022, and it looks like minimalism is on the way out.

While interior design trends evolve organically over long periods of time, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us to spend far more time in our homes than before. As people spent long periods indoors, they began to look at their interior design in a very different way.

And as a result, shiny minimalism is seemingly on the way out, with replacements being what you least expect. Here are SINGULART’s top interior trends for 2022.

1970s atmosphere

Okay, maybe not as extreme, but color palettes could make a big comeback this year. Photo: Getty

Yes really.

While the mid-century design we’ve seen over the past five years isn’t going anywhere, the style is destined to stay, but with a twist – 70s sexy.

According to SINGULART, 1970s themes and color palettes such as chocolate browns, ombres, ochres and oranges should be the colors of choice this year.

Luckily, only colors are making a comeback, being paired with leather and black furniture – so there’s no need to bring back shag carpeting just yet.

Curved furniture

Furniture with curved lines is meant to replace the boxy style we know and love. Photo: Dougale Waters/Getty

To stay in the retro vibe, boxy furniture is set to become a thing of the past, in favor of a rounder style.

SINGULART believes that curved lines in your furniture are on the rise this year, with soft edges and designs creating “an inviting and highly personal atmosphere with an added touch of luxury”.

Bright, bold and floral

very perished
Very Peri, Pantene’s color of the year, means we could see more vibrant colors this year. Photo: Oxygen/Getty

Finished all white, we return to bright colors.

After Pantene voted Veri Peri its color of the year, SINGULART reckons bolder colors should be on the walls, in line with the 1970s vibes they predict, with geometric patterns and floral designs that should make their comeback this year.

Bring in the outside

Marble and terracotta
International materials such as marble and terracotta are expected to become a big feature of home interiors this year. Image: Getty Images

After spending the vast, vast majority of the past two years indoors during several different shutdowns, and travel becoming easier, people will want to accessorize their homes with pieces that reflect those trips.

SINGULART said exhibits showcasing artworks from different countries, including external materials such as Italian marble and ancient Chinese terracotta, will be top picks this year.

Betty K. Park