Some Lesser Known Facts About Kajal Aggarwal’s Husband Gautam Kitchlu, Interior Designer and Tech Expert

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Gautam Kitchlu was born on August 16, 1982 in Mumbai, into a large business family. Her father is a well-known business leader. Her mother, Dheera Kitchlu, is a writer and creative experimenter. Kitchlu has a sister named Gauri Kitchlu, who is also a businesswoman. Nitin Nayar was her husband.

Gautam Kitchlu attended Cathedral and John Cannon public schools in Mumbai for his early education. After that, he moved to Massachusetts and studied at Tufts University, where he received his Bachelor of Arts. He is now an interior designer and software expert.

Gautam is currently CEO of Discern Living, a Mumbai-based e-commerce startup. Clients can use the company’s architecture, design and interior design offerings. Gautam sells interior design services, as well as luxury furniture, decorative items, artwork and other home furnishings.

He spends a good portion of his time on social media platforms like Instagram. On Instagram, however, he has more Home Designing posts than personal posts. He shares beautiful designs to decorate the house and rooms. Gautam also participates in the Mumbai Marathon. He is an excellent runner.

It took ten years for Kajal Agarwal and Gautam Kitchlu to announce their relationship. On October 30, they married in a small ceremony with only close friends and family.

Soon after her wedding announcement was posted, photos of Kajal with Gautam Kichlu became popular on social media. For several years, Gautam and Kajal seem even closer. According to the source, the couple were childhood friends who thankfully developed a love for each other and are now married.

There are some lesser known facts about Gautam like, he is a regular smoker. He also loves to travel and has visited several countries including South Africa, Cuba, France and England, and recently vacationed in the Maldives with his wife. In 2018, Gautam participated in the Tata Mumbai Marathon. He also has a cute puppy and is an animal lover. Not only is Kajal Aggarwal well known, but he is also popular on social media and frequently posts something.

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