Tata Harrier Dark Edition gets custom two-tone interiors

Tata Harrier is one of the popular SUVs in its segment. The SUV was initially launched in 2019 and quickly became popular among buyers for its looks and price. Over the years, Tata has introduced new color options and more features in the SUV to keep customers interested. Tata Harrier Dark Edition is one of the popular variants in the market and it comes with an all black exterior and interior. Here we have a video where a customer customized the interior of their Harrier Dark Edition to make it more spacious and upscale.

The video was uploaded by Autorounders, which is a Mumbai-based garage specializing in vehicle restoration and customization. The Tata Harrier Dark Edition had some scratches on the hood of the Harrier. Detailing was done on the car and PPF coating was done on panels where the risk of scratches was higher.

For the interiors, the video shows the whole process on how the customization was done. Workers begin by removing the glove box and other plastic panels from the cabin. The owner wanted an airy, upscale look for the cabin, so they opted for a two-tone white and black theme. All the seats have been removed from the car in order to start working on them. The door panels were completely removed and the plastic trim on the center console and the gloss black strip on the dashboard were also removed.

Once the panels were dismantled, the painting work began. Floor mats have been installed in the car. The door pads and panels, glove box and center console plastic trim have all been painted. As they carried a two-tone theme, some of these panels were finished in white while others were painted black. The door cushion receives a two-tone treatment. The owner of this SUV had informed that he did not feel very comfortable in the car when driving it for a longer distance. The lower back received support, but there was no upper back support. In order to solve this problem, the paddings were added to the area where the support was required.

The seat covers are custom made and have been sewn in house. The video shows the whole process. Custom made seat covers are white in color. This color is certainly much more difficult to maintain on a day-to-day basis, but it gives the cabin a premium look. Other than that, the dashboard and door pads get ambient lights which can be controlled using a mobile phone app. The plastic panel on the dashboard is finished in a marble design that somewhat resembles the pattern seen in the Gold Edition of Safari.

Damping has been done on all four doors for better NVH levels and better sound quality. Overall, the SUV looks sporty on the outside and premium on the inside. The owner was very pleased with the car and is also heard talking about working on his Toyota Fortuner. Tata Harrier is powered by a 2.0 liter turbo diesel engine which comes with manual and automatic transmission. The one seen here is the automatic version.

Betty K. Park