The 6 most hideous interior concepts of the 21st century, discover them

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Interior design is both an art and a science. There are so many trends we have experienced since the beginning of the era. While some looks worked, some just looked awful. Here are 6 of the most hideous interior designs of the 21st century!

1) Bathroom rug:
Adding an area rug could be additional decor and can add to the aesthetics of your room. But when done in the bathroom, it’s a trap for all kinds of germs and dirt.

2) Faux finishes:
Faux paint finishes became popular in the 80s and 90s. But the trend has seen a huge revival of the look. This trend seems overdone and dated. Painting over the faux finish will immediately refresh your home!

3) Assorted Patterns:
Combining different patterns is an art. There are many best practices to follow and be aware of when matching different patterns. And most of the time, that’s not too bad… Adding too many designs can look cluttered and disorganized.

4) Taxidermy:
This one needs no explanation. This trend is simply not fair and can be downright scary.

5) Leopard prints:
This trend has been the subject of debate for many. Leopard prints can look quite wild when it comes to outfits and accessories, but they can be quite messy when used in interiors.

6) Wall words:
We’ve heard of living in a fairy tale, but this particular trend feels like living in a self-help book! Wall decorating with inspirational quotes throughout the home can seem quite forced and awkward.

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Betty K. Park