The interior of the new Parliament Building to capture the vastness of India in art installations

An iconic statue at the entrance, a constitutional gallery showcasing India’s journey as a democracy, and artworks depicting the country’s diverse culture and traditions will grace the interiors of the new parliament building. The Union Ministry of Culture has formed three committees to plan the decor for the interiors of the new building which will include art installations, paintings, murals and inscriptions depicting the endless spectrum of Indian society.

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This is what India’s new parliament building will look like

  1. The new parliament will capture India’s ethos locally so that every Indian will feel part of it.
  2. From Vedas to Yoga to Upanishads, Sufi and folk culture, Kabirpath, everything will be part of the interiors of the new Parliament building.
  3. The interiors will have three national symbols as main themes: the lotus, the peacock and the banyan tree.
  4. The theme of the Lok Sabha bedroom will be the national bird peacock
  5. The Rajya Sabha room will be themed around the national lotus flower.
  6. The theme of the central lounge courtyard will be the national banyan tree.
  7. The national emblem will crown the new Parliament building
  8. The ceiling of the new building will have frescoes like that of the Rashtrapati Bhawan and the carpets will have traditional patterns, instead of the current single-color carpets.
  9. The interior walls of the new parliament will have shlokas inscribed on them.
  10. The juries bring together academicians, historians, artists, various experts and civil servants from the Ministries of Culture and Urban Planning for the sourcing, monitoring and installation of the works that will decorate the premises.

The new building is expected to be completed by this year.

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