The Senate demands an explanation from the Minister of the Interior

| Sh Rashid Says Six Islamabad Attack Facilitators Found Through Mobile Phones

The President sets a motion to adjourn for Monday

for the debate in the House on the terrorist incidents

ISLAMABAD – The Treasury and the opposition voiced deep concern in the Senate on Friday over a new spike in terrorist incidents in the country, with the recent one in Lahore demanding an explanation from Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed over the resurgence of the terrorism in major cities.

Lawmakers, mostly from the opposition, demanded that the interior minister brief the chamber on the government’s strategy to thwart such terrorist incidents. This recent surge in terrorism comes at a time when government talks with the banned Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to force the group to end militancy have failed and the group announced the end of the ceasefire. fire.

An opposition MP also asked the PTI government if the TTP’s “policy of appeasement” turns out to be wrong when innocent citizens and members of the security forces lose their lives in terrorist incidents. After lawmakers weighed in on the issue during question time and asked the president to suspend the agenda to discuss the law and order situation, Senate Speaker Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani said set an adjournment motion for next Monday (January 24) for a debate at home on the recent increase in terrorist incidents. He asked the Minister of the Interior to wrap up the day’s debate and answer questions from lawmakers.

Former Senate President Raza Rabbani was the first to request, on a point of public importance, that the Minister of Interior inform the House of the recent surge in terrorist activity in the past few days.

“I want the Home Secretary to clarify whether this increase in terrorist incidents shows that the government’s policy of talks and appeasement of the TTP was wrong?” he said. “Today the country is in the grip of terrorism,” he said referring to the two recent terrorist incidents, a shooting attack on a police checkpoint in Islamabad and an explosion at the Anarkali market in Lahore. He said there were conflicting claims about the Lahore blast as the Baloch Nationalist Army, a terrorist group, claimed responsibility while the Home Minister said the TTP was behind this act. He asked the president to summon the interior minister for a full briefing on the law and order situation.

Former Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition in the House, Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, backed his party colleague and said he feared such terrorist activities would increase in the country. “I agree with Senator Rabbani that the Home Secretary should be asked to brief the House as we are not able to understand his statements through the media.”

PML-N Parliamentary Leader in the House, Senator Azam Nazeer Tarar, said the Minister of Interior had a key role in sensitizing Parliament on the law and order situation in the country. “I support the request that the Home Secretary be summoned to brief the House on the government’s reaction and future course of action should terrorists again force their way into our cities?”

Railways Minister Azam Khan Swati endorsed the view of opposition lawmakers and said the PTI government was accountable to Parliament and told the House what was the background of the recent strong increase in terrorism and what was the role of security agencies in counteracting this new decision. “The masses and the house must be put in confidence.”

Former Balochistan Home Minister and Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) Senator Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti showed his surprise on how the Home Minister held the TTP responsible for the incident of Lahore when the Baloch Nationalist Army, a group that was recently formed after the merger of the Republican Army of Balochistan and United Baloch Army, claimed responsibility for the incident. He said this should be debated at home, that’s why our intellectuals, media and legislature used to call these Baloch nationalists ‘remote Baloch’ who resort to violence and argued that they also commit terrorism.

At the request of the opposition, the home minister made a brief appearance in the house and said there were particular motives behind a gun attack on police in Islamabad, as five similar attacks on the capital’s police took place last year. He said six enablers were found through the mobile phones of two terrorists killed in the gun attack, but avoided giving further details. “I don’t want to give details of where the terrorists stayed and ate before the attack,” he said.

Sheikh Rashid said an investigation into the Islamabad and Anarkali Market terrorist incidents was ongoing. He said no one would be allowed to spoil the country’s peaceful environment.

The minister also informed the house that Pakistan has completed 2,680 kilometer fence works along the Afghan border and the remaining 20 kilometer fence is being completed at all costs. He said there were 200 kilometers left to be fenced along the Pak-Iran border and efforts were also being made to complete it.

Betty K. Park