The simplicity of sky and sea is key to the interior design of One Sydney Harbor

Sydney’s One Sydney Harbour, developed by Lendlease is the ultimate project. Three towers comprising 808 residences sit on the world’s most iconic waterfront. Creating a new standard in luxury living in Barangaroo South, the project has been in the making for around ten years.

One Sydney Harbor was designed by luminary Renzo Piano, with interiors managed by Daniel Goldberg’s State of Craft. The directors of Lendlease toured the world ten years ago and were encapsulated by the interiors found at The Shard, which sits among the clouds in London’s CBD.

Goldberg sees his background in architecture as key to his expertise. Working on high-end residential projects across Europe and the Americas, One Sydney Harbor is another project elevated by the work of Goldberg and State of Craft. To develop palettes and material selections for One Sydney Harbour, State of Craft led Sydneyside.

“My team and I explored Sydney and did a lot of research,” he says.

“We went to the Blue Mountains and did coastal walks and tried to encapsulate the energy of Sydney. These experiences and our research gave birth to two palettes.

a sydney harbor

The two palettes proposed for the residences channel the distinct qualities of the port and are built according to four key principles: lightness, ease, authenticity and generosity. One palette (pictured above) replicates the sensory experience of shore walking, with roughly sawn stone floors that are off-white and speckled gum kitchen cabinetry and joinery. The second palette (pictured below) is much more about the sea itself, with a darker, grayer stone with hints of quartz that shimmers, evoking the thought of the occupant walking on water.

a sydney harbor

Renzo Piano and State of Craft emphasized light and transparency, with openable facades and conservatories also integrated into the design. Goldberg and his team designed the swimming pool, the gym and the wellness area, which oppose each other. The pool laden with green stones juxtaposes the gym, which is clad in wood.

a sydney harbor

a sydney harbor

There was no explicit brief for Goldberg to follow, but rather an ongoing process between designer and developer.

“The brief was a dialogue that is still ongoing. It’s like the designer and the client are sparring partners and you’re constantly testing, refining and evolving ideas,” he says.

“There was never a document that captured the file. It was a multi-pronged evolutionary process where things diverged and came together again. You start with spatial optimization and layout, which was a rigorous process. We then moved on to finishes, fittings and details.

a sydney harbor

Renzo Piano has created a fully glazed facade with low iron glass, which ensures that it does not “turn green” when sunlight hits its surface. State of Craft wanted the interiors to be the supporting act of the sky and the view, with Goldberg’s experiences as an architect putting it prominently.

“We have a team that understands and respects the process and what Renzo Piano has been trying to achieve. We want our interiors to work with the architecture and be an extension of that design philosophy,” he says.

“Bringing the same values ​​to the use of materials and the assembly of things, as well as the interfaces between the interior and the exterior. Things like gardens, lighting, and what you see when you look up. »

a sydney harbor

“There are definitely things where disciplines merge and being able to think like an architect made us realize the importance of integrating services and structure. Understand how things work and how they look.

Given the exclusivity of the address and the inherent luxury of the location, Goldberg felt both a sense of pressure and the need to provide ideal living spaces for future occupants.

“It’s a nice experience (designing interiors), but we realize that we have a big responsibility in the design of many homes. It’s not about creating salable space and working with Excel spreadsheets, for us it’s about creating homes, which is an incredible privilege.

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Betty K. Park