This Donk Chevy Impala Has A Porsche Panamera Interior

The donk car scene has always been a bit “out of the ordinary”, but seems to be growing in popularity, so much so that Top Gear’s latest season includes a brief segment about donk cars being taken to the drag strip.

Classic vehicles in the donk scene are usually 1971-1976 Chevrolet Caprice and Impala models that have been extensively modified and fitted with massive wheels, usually larger than 26 inches. This particular car is a 1972 Impala, but looking at it from the inside, you might be excused for thinking it was a Porsche Panamera.

We only recently came across this Impala on social media, but it’s been around for a few years. The original interior was completely removed and replaced with the cabin of a Panamera. While it might seem like an odd choice, the interior swap seems to have been done very well.

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The front seats of a Panamera kick things off, while the entire transmission tunnel and center console have also been removed from the German sports sedan. We can see that the Panamera’s gear lever has been executed, as have all the buttons on the console, including those to control the heated and ventilated seat functions. Whether all these buttons are actually functional is another question. After all, we can’t imagine the Auto Start/Stop button, for example, doing anything.

Elsewhere, the door panels, dashboard and gauge cluster are identical to those of the Panamera. The steering wheel, however, is very different and has been designed to mimic the look of gold wheels.

The Impala is powered by a new Chevrolet LSA V8 engine with a massive supercharger and while it’s unclear how much power the car produces, many donk cars push up to 1,000 hp.

Betty K. Park