This interior change alone can add £10,000 to your home

Home renovations have become extremely popular, so much so that the global home renovation market was valued at £560 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow significantly over the next few years.

In the UK, searches for ‘budget cinema ideas’ (+400%) and ‘dressing room kits’ (+100%) have seen a huge increase over the last 12 months. But what kinds of luxurious bedrooms should you create if you want to make your home more attractive?

VonHaus has researched the UK’s favorite luxury bedrooms and worked with experts at Bramleys to reveal the value these extravagant bedrooms could add to your home. From home gyms to walk-in closets, VonHaus has offered its top tips for creating the room of your dreams while staying within your budget.

The rooms that add the most value to your home:

Deluxe suite : Added value:
Spa bathroom £5,000 to £10,000
Movie room £3000-£5000
Dressing room £2000-£5000
Equipped office £1000-£2000
Gym £1000-£2000
Game room £1000-£2000

VonHaus research reveals that a spa bathroom can add significant value to your home, with an estimated increased value of around £5,000 to £10,000. So adding a premium bathroom with spa features like freestanding bubble baths, steam showers, and Bluetooth speaker showerheads could drive up the cost of your house by the thousands.

Movie theaters also add both value and appeal to a home. While a home theater can provide an incredible entertainment space, it can also be versatile and easily replaced with a cozy space when you need a different kind of space in the house.

Other high-demand rooms include a dressing room, fitted office, gym and games room, all increasing the value of your home between £1,000 and £5,000.

VonHaus’ Top Tips for Creating Luxury on a Budget

  • Make sure your home furnishings match what’s selling – when selling a home, it has to appeal to the general public, so be wary of fitted rooms or brightly colored walls.
  • Deluxe rooms don’t have to cost as much as you think – for rooms that can drive up the price like gyms and game rooms, you can search the web for used amenities that do the job and look the part
  • Easily recreate a cinematic feel – paint one large wall white and mount a projector on the opposite wall. This simple, cost-effective way to watch your favorite TV shows has never made entertainment easier.
  • Upcycling is cheap, easy and beautiful – upcycle a chest of drawers and coat rack for a spare to create your lavish walk-in closet. Finish your room with your favorite artwork, plants, and mirrors to let natural light and a new vibe into your space.

Gemma Caufield, Residential Branch Manager and Senior Appraiser at Bramleys comments: “I think the most popular rooms in 2022 will be home offices and gyms. Many people work from home indefinitely and need a permanent space to work that they can close the door to when the workday is over.

Health and wellness is becoming an increasingly popular revelation, so I think a lot of people will start investing in home gym equipment to accommodate their hectic lifestyles.

Emily Caloe, Senior Buyer for VonHaus adds, “Having a luxury bedroom can really transform your home, but if you’re looking to sell, it’s important to note that desirability is at the forefront of a buyer’s mind. Therefore, it is convenient to create a space that can also be removed. As highlighted in the tips, adding a touch of luxury to your home doesn’t have to cost you thousands and thousands of pounds. For example, just having a popcorn machine in your makeshift movie theater can help create that unforgettable cinematic experience.

Betty K. Park