Top 5 Interior Design Startups Redefining Interior Design and Furnishings Via New Era Technologies

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Top 5 Interior Design Startups Redefining Interior Design and Furnishings Via New Era Technologies

Posted May 3, 2022

Commercial interior design has traditionally been an expensive and time-consuming process until the industry experienced technological disruption. But with the onset of the pandemic, social distancing norms and work-from-home models have contributed to an accelerated digital transformation, where the emergence of innovative ideas has shifted the focus of commercial space design and has become the new norm.

For example, new era commercial design has begun to integrate virtual reality, augmented reality, advanced sensors, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to create futuristic office designs. As a result, tech-driven business design has merged digital tools to augment the hybrid work culture.

Here are the top 5 interior design startups that are redefining interior design and furniture retail via New-age technologies:-

Flipspaces: Founded in 2015, Flipspaces is the first technology brand to offer a complete solution for the design and construction of commercial spaces. Flipspaces envisions being the go-to brand for commercial design and construction by leveraging proprietary technology. The brand’s proof of concept resides in the five million square feet of retail space designed and/or built for well-known companies, start-ups, multinationals, retail brands and SMEs across all industries. These include renowned brands such as BharatPe, BSH, Nobroker, Openmoney, Aditya Birla, InstaOffice, Oppo, P&G, Reebok, Royal Enfield, Razorpay, NoBroker, Bounce and PlaySimpleGames.

original way: Homelane is a technology based interior design service provider based in Bengaluru. Founded in 2014, HomeLane has become India’s choice for one-off home interiors, offering end-to-end personalized and professional interior services. Through technology interventions, expert designers and project managers, the company has built a community of over 20,000 satisfied customers across the country over the past seven years. HomeLane currently serves 16 cities across the country through 27 Experience Centers.

spacer: started with a mission – to meet the interior design needs of commercial establishments in Bangalore. Four enterprising entrepreneurs from design, technology and finance run the company. Our team of more than 50 people is made up of designers, project managers, technicians, marketing and sales professionals. These professionals have served clients from a variety of industries and company sizes. Together, we help exceed their design and business goals.

Living space: Livspace is an interior design startup that offers a platform that connects people to designers, services and products. Founded in 2014, Livspace is now a trusted brand for complete home interior design and renovation for thousands of homeowners. The startup currently serves nine metropolitan areas: Bengaluru, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. It has a network of 20 design centers and experience apartments across the country.

Hide: Founded in 2015, Hidecor seeks to create energizing and bespoke office spaces that are welcoming and special to work in. Hidecor translates workplaces into models that represent the vision of the organization, aligned with brand personality and employee convenience. Colorful and practical, creative and cheerful, the right mix of effervescent themes and effective designs – that’s HIDECOR’s creative code for new-age zest.

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