Toyota Fortuner with aftermarket Lexus kit looks premium

Toyota Fortuner is currently the most popular SUV in the segment. It has been available in our market for over a decade and its popularity does not seem to be diminishing. It’s a capable off-roader and several videos show just how capable Fortuner can really be. There are several tastefully modified Toyota Fortuner examples from different parts of the country. One of the most common types of modification seen on Toyota Fortuner is the aftermarket Lexus body kit. Here we have one of those videos where a Toyota Fortuner pre-facelift model is modified to look premium with a Lexus body kit.

The video was uploaded by Autorounders on their YouTube channel. The video shows what the car looked like when it arrived at the workshop. It also shows how the work was done on this SUV. The SUV wasn’t in bad shape, but the car had started to look old. The SUV owner wanted to give the SUV a new look and that’s why he decided to go for the Lexus body kit. Autorounders are known to make bespoke Lexus body kits, but the one installed in this SUV is an imported aftermarket unit.

The job begins with removing the front bumper and headlights along with the grilles. There were several small scratches and dents on the SUV. The dents were removed and a thin layer of putty was applied to the SUV. Several panels, including the hood, also received a similar treatment. The car was then taken to the paint booth and the whole car was repainted. The owner continued with the Pearl White shade as it looks premium on Fortuner.

The aftermarket Lexus kit has also been painted in the cabin. The car was painted in the paint booth to achieve an even finish and to avoid dust particles. The massive grille has a chrome surround which adds to the premium look of the car. The headlights are the original projectors. The lower part of the bumper takes on a muscular look. There is also a boomerang-shaped dual-function LED DRL on the new bumper. As for the side profile, the car resembles the regular Fortuner. Even the alloy wheels remain the same. The two-tone alloy wheels, roof rails and chrome door handles are all retained.

As we move further back, more modifications to the SUV are visible. The car gets LED taillights, LED pillar lamps, chrome trim under the license plate, and the roof-mounted spoiler is also visible. Just like the front bumper, the rear bumper of this SUV has also been customized. The rear bumper is part of the Lexus body kit and it comes with fake quad exhaust tips and LED reflector lights. The interior of this SUV was in poor condition as it was roughly used. The car interior theme was completely changed. It now gets Deep Red/brown color upholstery. The fit and finish of the seat covers are good and the car looks more upscale from the outside and inside.

Betty K. Park