What to expect from an interior design service

Alright, I’ll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to judge me. I moved into my apartment six months ago (time flies), and I’m still finishing the decor. I started with next to nothing, so it’s been a long journey on top of my full-time job and my seemingly endless list of other commitments. But slow and steady wins the race. On a few particular areas where I felt stuck, my shelves seemed to be taunting me the whole time because I didn’t know how to start getting them from somewhere to throw random artwork or decor that I couldn’t find a home for a work of art. A colleague of mine introduced me to an app called Introduction, and everything immediately changed.

Introduction introduces you to in-demand experts and specialists who can solve almost any problem you face, whether it’s related to your home, career, style, health, or something else entirely. Obviously I need help with my apartment so I had to scroll through the interior designers. Reading that Shawn Henderson decorated the homes of some of my favorite actors, I quickly reserved a spot on his calendar and prepared my home for the viewing.

A quick FaceTime call that seemed as easy-going as one of the many apartment tours I’ve given my friends led me to major accomplishments. I showed him around my space and we quickly settled on the area I would need the most help with: my shelves. Although his advice was applied in a fascinating way to every part of my home, I ended up being able to completely transform the open shelving I had lost for months in just a few days. Scroll down to read the three great tips I have to share with you all.

Betty K. Park