Where to travel based on interior style

Now that we have reached the start of the summer vacation season, many hopeful vacationers will be looking to book last minute deals. With that in mind, Press Warehouse decided to find out which cities in Europe are the best to visit for popular interior trends by analyzing 8,785 hotel reviews on Tripadvisor.

Paris: named best city to visit for women’s shabby chic
If you’re a fan of shabby chic design or have tagged your home in one of the 9.3 million posts (#shabbychic) ​​on Instagram, you should make your next trip to Paris.

France is renowned for its shabby chic design, also known as the French Country. So much so that the French capital, Paris, ranked first for shabby chic interiors according to hotel reviews on Tripadvisor with 157 in total. Shabby chic beautifully blends glamorous and rustic styles with baroque details, distressed and vintage finishes. The look is feminine in nature with a slightly bohemian aesthetic.

Berlin: the minimalist capital
Minimalist lovers are in the best position to visit the trendy German capital: Berlin. Yes, this bustling, gritty city ranked among the top European cities analyzed for minimalist interior design, with 76 minimalist design hotels. For interior inspiration, check out the Bauhaus school where the concept of modern design meets functionality was developed. Bauhaus is known to have the greatest influence on the minimalist movement.

Vienna: the sustainable inland destination
Many of us want to help the planet in any way we can and for some that can even mean staying in a sustainable hotel. If this is you, then the best place to visit is the city of Vienna.​

Boutique Hotel Stadthelle is one of the highest rated hotels on Tripadvisor and has the most reviews mentioning sustainability. The hotel is a beautiful ecological oasis, covered in greenery from the inside out. The hotel is even self-sufficient in energy thanks to its solar panels.

Milan: the best city for chic Scandinavian interiors
If you are a fan of Scandinavian interiors, you should make your next stop in Milan, as this city has the highest score according to Tripadvisor hotel reviews. Milan is an ultra-modern destination with a touch of fashion – everything that makes Scandi great.

But, that’s not all about Scandi, it’s incredibly sophisticated with a minimalist core. The interior trend uses soft hues and tonal shades of neutral colors. The emphasis is on clean lines and simple furnishings that make the interior warm and inviting.

Barcelona: Traditional Catalan Scenery Tour
Barcelona is the best city to visit for its traditional interiors, with no less than 656 hotels receiving reviews praising the traditional furnishings. But what exactly is traditional decor? Well, for starters, traditional interiors in Spain are quite different from traditional ones in the UK.

In Barcelona, ​​the furniture models the beautiful Catalan style, often reminiscent of Catalan farmhouses. For this reason, traditional Barcelona decor is very rustic – think terracotta floors, natural elements and large patterns.

Rome: a contemporary powerhouse for interiors
Rome is steeped in history, but surprisingly, this European city ranked the best at juxtaposing contemporary interiors. A whopping 383 Tripadvisor reviews commented on the hotels’ contemporary furnishings.

Interestingly, in recent years Rome has pursued a new trend in contemporary art. So much so that the city is home to many influential contemporary institutions and galleries. So if you want to see contemporary art and up-and-coming interiors, Rome is the place to visit.

Amsterdam: Home of Industrial Cool Furniture
Amsterdam is the best place to visit for industrial fans – 295 hotels rated for industrial style. Amsterdam has a rich industrial past, for centuries people lived in the shadow of huge factories. Some of them are still in use today, while others have been transformed into cultural venues or apartments.

One of these cultural venues is perhaps one of the trendiest places in the dam, the Kromhothal, which hosts many events. This place used to be a manufacturing factory where big machines were built so you can imagine the cool interiors.

Prague: bet on the art deco style
Art Deco is a glamorous retro style known for its embellished elements and metallic accents. Vintage design has made a bit of a comeback in recent years, however, in Prague it seems this interior trend has never gone out of style. Prague has been named the best city to visit for art deco fans, according to analysis by Tap Warehouse, thanks to the city having the most art deco hotels.

Be sure to stay at Hotel Paris Prague, as this top-notch hotel has beautiful classic art deco interiors and 217 reviews mention it. But, it’s not just the ornate Art Deco hotels in this city, there are plenty of Art Deco attractions to see. If you like rock and live music, be sure to visit the beautiful Akropolis Palace, housed in a colorful art deco building from the 1920s.

Betty K. Park