Why Your Pan’s Interior Color Matters

Believe it or not, opting for light colored cookware can make all the difference. When pioneer YouTuber Charlie McDonnel (aka @charlieissocoollike) released mugs for his personal tea brand QualiTEA, McDonnell said he intentionally made the interior color of the cups white, although he would lose some profit for that choice. The reason why? “When you’re making tea,” McDonnell explained, “because I know when you’re making tea, it’s easier to tell the strength of the tea when the inside is white.”

Similarly, dark colored pans can make it more difficult to accurately assess browning. It’s even more important, says America’s Test Kitchen, when cooking something like brown butter, which will brown perfectly to burn very quickly and easily. For more control and optimal results, he recommends choosing a pan with a light-colored, nonstick stainless steel interior. The interior color of your pan also influences how your food is cooked. Dark-colored pans absorb and release heat faster than lighter-colored pans, which provide lighter, less intense heat, for example. The kitchen.

While both options have their place in the kitchen, it’s important to choose the right tool for the job – and, when it comes to browning, a big part of knowing when you’ve reached that elusive sweet spot comes from visual observation. So the next time you’re preparing a dish that needs a delicate touch, consider getting a pan with a light-colored interior. Your bechamel sauce will thank you.

Betty K. Park