Wind – US Department of the Interior approves South Fork offshore wind farm

Onshore construction of the 132 MW project is expected to begin soon after federal approval, and when completed in 2023, the dozen turbine projects located 35 miles from Long Island, New York, will generate enough electricity for 70,000 homes. The construction approval follows Vineyard Wind’s approval in late 2021 and continues the momentum of offshore wind energy adoption in the United States.

Even before approval was finalized, project developers South Fork Ørsted and Eversource announced that many critical components of the wind farm would be built in the country, including export transmission cables at a South Carolina facility. , an offshore substation in Texas and a large maintenance vessel at shipyards in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida. Supply chains for each component will extend into other states, such as the offshore substation expected to be partially built in Kansas. Just last week, project developers announced a deal with Long Island’s Haugland Energy Group to install part of the terrestrial transmission system that will create more than 100 skilled jobs.

“The United States now has several offshore wind projects in their construction phases, which shows that a national industry is coming to life,” said Ross Gould, vice president of supply chain development at the Business Network for Offshore Wind. “Offshore wind is a powerful and reliable source of renewable energy; its development is critical to addressing climate change and meeting state and federal clean energy goals. Today’s federal approval of South Fork – the second US offshore wind project – further solidifies the US as a major market and will spur needed supply chain investment. While local labor will be instrumental in construction and operation, the South Fork project shows how a unique offshore wind project creates hundreds of well-paying jobs across the country as chains of manufacturing supply and logistics extend deep into the United States. This localization of a supply chain is essential and needs to be better supported by policy makers to ensure that projects move forward in a coherent way and that economic benefits are captured at the national level.

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