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We always want our interiors to be warm and welcoming. When you search for restaurants or cafes on Google, don’t you look closely at their vibe? Of course we do! The interior of a restaurant is important, and Nuvocotto understands this very well. In fact, not only do they understand this, but they also help you forge compelling innards.

Nuvocotto is known for fostering innovation and creativity by forging the finest clay products. With their clay-fired products, your restaurants will get an earthy, aesthetically pleasing finish. Restaurants these days devote much of their focus and effort to making their interiors comfortable and lovable. Moving on to that, Nuvocotto has terracotta jaalis, floors, wall tiles, ceilings and tiles that will build the interior of your dreams.

You can use these elements to create an affable facade, photogenic windows or walls. While most cities are bustling with noise, terracotta interiors provide the necessary tranquility, making your outlet much loved. Moreover, Nuvocotto also helps to organize innovative designs for your restaurants. They can help you build such a place which has the essence of nature and will allow people and families to sit and lie down.

Terracotta objects have their advantages. If you think these products only add to the beauty of your interiors, then you are wrong! Each product of Nuvocotto has salient features such as their wall tiles do not fade, their roof is tropical climate tested, their pavers help the earth absorb water, their floors have low water absorption, their jaalis are durable and, most importantly, all products offered by Nuvocotto are of high quality and come in different designs.

With an experience of more than 23 years, this brand has successfully cooperated with many restaurants, shops, cafes, outlets, etc. from all over the country. With each passing year, Nuvocotto enriches the range of products, design and quality of terracotta items. Discover the collection on

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Betty K. Park